Apr 08

Easter Activities for Kids

Easter Bunny Baking

Edmonds: My First Cookbook is jam packed with simple recipes, perfect for kids aged 6+.

It's super easy to create delicious Easter Bunnies using the pikelet recipe. Click the image below to watch Product and Publishing Manager, Alison, create some with her two kids (Leo, 7, and Rose, 4).

Easter video thumbnail

Download the recipe to try it for yourself and then send your pictures to us on Facebook or at Marketing@hachette.co.nz.

Easter Colouring Sheets


Print these colouring sheets off and colour them in with bright colours. When you're done, hang it in your window so everyone in your neighbourhood can see your beautiful colouring.

And be sure to send a picture of your artwork to us on Facebook or at Marketing@hachette.co.nz.

Donovan Bixley Easter Bunny

Download Donovan Bixley's 'Easter Egg Bunny' colouring sheet

Donovan Bixley Bunny (003)

Download Donovan Bixley's 'Skiing Easter Bunny' colouring sheet

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