Nicky Pellegrino at the Hamilton Gardens!

Nicky Pellegrino
Nicky Pellegrino

Nicky Pellegrino will be appearing at the Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival on Saturday 2nd March at 10am. Buy your tickets now.

Nicky Pellegrino is a Number 1 bestselling author and has written ten fabulous novels. Her inspiration comes from her Italian heritage. When her Italian father came to England he fell in love with and married a Liverpool girl. He brought to his new family his passion for food and instilled in them what all Italians know - that you live to eat instead of eating to live. This Italian mantra is the inspiration behind Nicky's delicious novels. Every summer the family left their home in Merseyside and returned to her father's home town, near Naples, in southern Italy. When Nicky met and married a New Zealander she moved to Auckland where she works as a journalist and edits a women's magazine. She hoards her annual leave so that she and her husband can return to Italy to meet up with her family and to eat the best mozzarella and research her books.

The #1 bestselling A Year at Hotel Gondola is out now in paperback. Find out more.

Nicky returns with a new novel, A Dream of Italy on 26th March. Find out more and pre-order your copy.

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