An Unreliable Man

From the creative genius of Jostein Gaarder comes a beautiful novel about loneliness and the power of words.

Jakop is a lonely man.

Divorced from his wife, with no friends apart from his constant companion Pelle, he spends his life attending the funerals of people he doesn't know, obscuring his identity in a web of improbable lies.

As his addiction to storytelling spirals out of control, he is forced to reconcile his love of language and stories with the ever more urgent need for human connection.

  • Pub date: 30.10.18
  • RRP: $37.99
  • Format: Hardback


Jostein Gaarder

JOSTEIN GAARDER was born in Oslo in 1952.

SOPHIE'S WORLD, the first of his books to be published in English, has been translated into 60 languages and has sold over 40 million copies.

He is the author of many other bestselling, beloved novels and children's books.

He lives in Oslo with his family.

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