Finger Trail Tales: Moon Adventure

Lemur and Llama are going on an amazing adventure into space! But there's trouble afoot when Tiny Teddy can't be found anywhere - that is, until a friendly alien helps Lemur and Llama on their search.

Follow the sparkly finger trails and peek through the die cut holes on every page to join in with the funny story and its special rhyming refrain.

Tracing the trails helps prepare curious toddlers for the start of their writing journey and practise the confident pattern tracing and hand-eye coordination necessary for pre-writing development. The funny story and lots to spot mean that they will ask for this bright, interactive book again and again. Where will our friends go next?


  • ISBN: 9781526381774
  • Author: Pat-a-Cake
  • Availability: 88
  • Pub date: 30.06.20
  • RRP: $18.99
  • Format: Board book



Pat-a-Cake (Author)

Pat-a-Cake takes you and your child on a magical journey. From sharing the very first baby book to watching your little one read all by themselves.

The adventure begins here . . .

Rachel McLean (Illustrator)

Rachael McLean is a children's illustrator living on the east coast of Australia, with one of the world's most beautiful beaches as her backyard. Inspired by bright colours and all things whimsical, she loves to draw with clean shapes and bold colours to create playful designs.

Rachael's been storytelling through her drawings her whole life and her illustrations can be found all over the world on pretty products and in beautiful publications. Most days you'll find Rachael with her two rescue pups by her side and a nice cup of tea, making art and enjoying the best job in the world.

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