Hard Target Mission 3

Chris Ryan Extreme Series 1

Mission 3: Die Trying

Part of the first Chris Ryan Extreme series

Faster, Grittier, Darker, Deadlier... Chris Ryan Extreme

Dispatched to a postwar Belgrade crawling with criminals and bad memories, Joe Gardner is on a collision course with his one-time Regiment friend John Bald. Garder plans to put a stop to Bald once and for all. But with the Russian mafya and Italian mob closing in, is Gardner too late If he fails, tens of thousands will die.

The Chris Ryan Extreme books take you even further into the heart of the mission with more extreme action, more extreme language and more extreme pace. Like Call of Duty or Medal of Honor, you'll feel part of the team.

  • ISBN: 9781444708554
  • Author: Chris Ryan
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  • Pub date: 17.01.11
  • RRP: $6.99
  • Format: Electronic book text


Chris Ryan

Chris Ryan was born near Newcastle in 1961. He joined the SAS in 1984. During his ten years there he was involved in overt and covert operations and was also sniper team commander of the anti-terrorist team. During the Gulf War, Chris Ryan was the only member of an eight-man unit to escape from Iraq, where three colleagues were killed and four captured. It was the longest escape and evasion in the history of the SAS. For this he was awarded the Military Medal. For his last two years he was selecting and training potential recruits for the SAS. He wrote about his experiences in the bestseller The One That Got Away, which was adapted for screen, and since then has written three other works of non-fiction, fourteen bestselling novels and a series of childrens' books. He lectures in business motivation and security, and is a consultant for a security organisation. You can find out more information on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ChrisRyanBooks. You can also follow Chris on Twitter @exSASChrisRyan

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