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Dr Alex George

Dr. Alex George is a TV doctor, best-selling author, and Youth Mental Health Ambassador to the government. Alex has become a well known and respected figure amongst healthcare professionals in the UK, from his years as an A&E doctor, bringing the nation accessible and reassuring advice directly from the frontline throughout the pandemic. His first book, Live Well Every Day was published May 2021 and is a Sunday Times Number 1 Bestseller. Alex is on a mission to improve mental health support for young people, and has become prolific throughout the UK in his campaigning for Early Support Hubs. In February 2021, Alex was appointed by the former Prime Minister as Youth Mental Health Ambassador to the government. Alex has a hugely successful podcast, Stompcast, which promotes the importance of walking in nature for mental and physical well being. In November 2021, he presented his first full length documentary for BBC One and Children Need, Dr Alex: Our Young Mental Health Crisis. He also hosts his own radio show on Classic FM, Uplifting Classics, which explores the relationship between classical music and wellbeing. Alex has 1.9M followers on Instagram alone, and a rapidly growing audience on YouTube & TikTok. Across his platforms, Alex has become a leading voice in mental and physical health and wellbeing, and uses his platform to make health and medicine more accessible to millennials and beyond. Alex's first children's book, A Better Day: Your Positive Youth Mental Health Handbook was published in September 2022 and is also a Sunday Times Number 1 Bestseller. A positive, accessible and practical toolkit guiding young readers in how they can care for their mental health with confidence.

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