London in the Wild

Exploring Nature in the City

'London in the Wild is a timely opportunity to get out and explore all the wild spaces and natural places that exist alongside us. Both on your doorstep and on the other side of the river.' - Chris Packham

A place of cars, concrete, lights, noise and pollution, London is a harsh, unyielding landscape created to meet the needs of people, not wildlife, but if you take the time to stop and look, you'll discover it is teeming with more than 15,000 species of flora, fungi and fauna, including marsh frogs, hedgehogs, short-eared owls and dragonflies.

With London in the Wild as your guide, you can explore the city from your garden, local parks and community space, but also from its wetlands, woodlands and heaths. Along the way you'll discover the best places to see bluebells in springtime, the day-to-day life of a London Tube mouse and the activities of seals who make their home in the Thames.

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London Wildlife Trust

The London Wildlife Trust, founded in 1981, is the nature conservation charity for Greater London. It is one of 46 members of the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts, each of which is a local nature conservation charity for its area. London Wildlife Trust is a driving force for nature conservation across the capital. With dedicated supporters and volunteers, they work tirelessly to protect wildlife across London, encouraging conservational behaviours and positive interaction with nature and wildlife. The contributors to the book will be Matthew Frith, LWT Director of Conservation, and Anna Guerin, LWT Nature Reserves Office, Brilliant Butterflies Project. Instagram:

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