Parting Words

9 lessons for a remarkable life

'I don't know where to stop praising Benny and this amazing book...' - HEATHER MORRIS, The Tattooist of Auschwitz

'This the stuff folk tales are made of. How wonderful that sometimes they are true' - MARTIN FREEMAN

What a century of life experience can teach us about happiness, ambition, courage, love and how to make the most of the lives we've been given.

How many people do you know grew up as a poor immigrant in America during the Great Depression, won a scholarship to Harvard Law School, landed on the beaches of Normandy on D Day, were present at the liberation of concentration camps including Buchenwald, Mauthausen and Flossenburg, held leading Nazis to account at the Nuremberg trials and have fought for an International Criminal Court to hold war criminals to account the world over?

Now you know one.

Benjamin Ferencz turned 100 in 2020. In this extraordinary book, he shares his remarkable life story and the nine humble, compelling and life-affirming lessons he's learned along the way that we can all harness for ourselves.

'Warm, wise and inspiring - a book for our times by one of the world's most remarkable human beings'

PHILIPPE SANDS, author of East West Street and The Ratline

'Ferencz is a true survivor and Mensch! He has wonderful humour, patience and gratitude. The book is a "must read"''

DR EDITH EGER, author of The Choice and The Gift

'This is a life-affirming and beautiful book from a great human being. There are simple truths here to treasure'

BART VAN ES, author of The Cut Out Girl

'I read this in one go and it felt like moments ... Here is wisdom stripped to the necessary minimum - spare but nutritious. This is the good stuff.'


  • Pub date: 10.11.20
  • RRP: $29.99
  • Format: Hardback


Benjamin Ferencz

Benjamin Ferencz was born in 1920 in a country that no longer exists. He is a graduate of Harvard Law School and was awarded their medal of freedom in 2014 (the only previous recipient had been Nelson Mandela). He was a prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials in 1946, led efforts to return property to Holocaust survivors after the war, participated in reparations negotiations between Israel and West Germany, and he was essential in the establishment of the International Criminal Court. He has four children by his wife Gertrude, who was his highschool sweetheart and who sadly passed away in 2019. He turned 100 in March 2020.

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