Edmonds Cookery Books

Cooking can be fun and exciting, and with Edmonds Cookery Books, young people of all ages can recreate and taste the great recipes they have to offer!

Edmonds My First Cookbook

With an illustrated, step-by-step layout, you'll find it super easy to learn to cook these classic New Zealand recipes.

Become a champion-pikelet-maker, an expert-afghan-baker or an award-winning-pizza-creator.

From breakfast through to dessert and all the meals and snacks in between, this collection of over 90 recipes will be the beginning of a life-long love of baking and cooking.

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Edmonds Beginner's Cookbook

Cooking with the kids can be fun.

This fully illustrated cookbook is packed with foolproof recipes that will impress all ages - from a basic Pizza Base, delicious Pancakes to the classic Afghans - you will be able to show your children how much fun they can have while making their own food.

With recipes and hints for all occasions, this is the cookbook every aspiring young chef needs.

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Edmonds Food for Flatters

New Zealand's favourite and bestselling cookbooks for flatters.

Moving away from the family home doesn't mean you have to miss out on great home-cooked meals.

With over 200 easy-to-make but delicious budget-friendly recipes, let Food for Flatters show you how to take care of yourself (just like mum would).

There's food here for every occasion - breakfast through to dinner, delicious desserts and great baking secrets - whether you're eating by yourself or hosting your own dinner party.

In typical Edmonds style, you'll find your traditional favourites with a fun, fresh twist. It's the cookbook every Flatter needs!

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Edmonds More Food for Flatters

New Zealand's favourite and bestselling cookbooks for flatters.

For more than a decade Food for Flatters has been showing new flatters how to move out of the family home and still eat in style. Here you'll find even MORE recipes to feed you and your flatmates - all still within a budget and without any fuss.

Any time of day and any occasion, More Food for Flatters has you covered - whether you're eating alone or hosting a party.

Packed with hints and tips in classic Edmonds style, More Food for Flatters is the cookbook every Flatter needs - you'll even impress your mum!

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