The Chaos Before Christmas


Sarina Dickson

Sarina Dickson (Author)

Sarina Dickson is a number 1 bestselling writer, artist and educator. She has enjoyed a varied and creative working life, which has led to connections and collaborations with experts in publishing, mental health and wellness, education, illustration, printing, video production, public art, book design, disaster relief and tertiary research. Her writing has been highly commended in the Scribbles Creative Writing Awards.

Sarina lives with a computer nerd, a social butterfly, a gamer, a human ray of sunshine and a very large rabbit.

You can find Sarina on Instagram @Creating_In_The_Cracks or Twitter @Sarina_Dickson_

Lily Emo (Illustrator)

An award winning illustrator living in Nelson, New Zealand. Lily Emo spends her time juggling the demands of an illustration/art career and freelancing as a graphic designer and relief art teaching. Her portraiture work of Covid 19 essential workers was displayed in 2021 in The National Portrait Gallery in Wellington.

Lily Emo works with a range of mediums - from Procreate and photoshop to more traditional mediums like watercolour, gouache, graphite and coloured pencil.

You can find out more at Connect with Lily on Instagram @lily.emo

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